The cuisine at Taberna del Alabardero in Seville, like the other taverns of the Lezama Group in Madrid, Marbella and Washington DC, has the utmost respect for the traditional cuisine of product, quality and service.

ZGZ20’s proposal is based on a good base of traditional Spanish cuisine, updated in its presentation, while respecting the Andalusian roots with products from recognised designations of origin.



Iberian ham D.O Jabugo – 23.00€

Cured goat cheese – 14.50€

Sardine toast on alboronía – 5.00€

Tomato and plum salad with smoked beef ham and sour spicy orange vinaigrette – 15.00€

Clams with sherry beurre blanc – 16.00€

White shrimp, unctuous poultry broth and foie – 18.00€

Natural oysters – 4.00€

Oyster with eucalyptus infusion and orangea – 5.00€

Eggs with lobster and red curry bisque – 39.00€

Roasted leek, jabugo cooking stock and tuna tartar – 14.00€

Goat’s Milk And Iberian Ham Croquettes – 13.00€



Flame-grilled mackerel, “ajiblanco” and orange – 14.00€

Our hake in green sauce – 24.00€

Corvine lacquered with grilled peppers juice – 22.00€

Cured salmon, gazpachuelo of herbs, apple pickled and black garlic – 18.00€



Suckling pig lingot,cantonese sauce and cauliflower – 20.00€

Iberian pork in two cookings, perigord and sweet potato – 22.00€

Beef steak tartar made fresh at the table – 23.00€

Leg of lamb roasted at 86°C – 29.00€

Ask for our fish and meats by weight


* Price with IVA included



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